Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Losing Faith In Mankind

When I was in my teens I always carried so much anger with me. There was always so much going on at home and school, that I was never able to balance it all out. Anyway, it left me somewhat of a bitter person. I was always sarcastic and rude with people. I was so used to feeling insulted that I automatically became defensive about anything.

Now that I am in my late twenties, I find myself just wanting to be around a few descent people. I told myself that I didn't want to be the girl that everyone refers to as 'mean' or a 'bitch'. I want people to WANT to be around me. I have really eased up on a lot of things and all I want to do is surround myself with fun and loving people. I just don't know where to find them..

I try to put myself in social situations but I just end up disappointing myself. People just make me depressed and sick. They carry such hatred with them it's disturbing. And I've gotten so fed up with it that literally any form of negative thing that comes out of someones mouth turns me away..

I have recently stood up for myself at my job and at another place for a friend and in the end I just felt dumb. Opening my big mouth didn't solve anything it just brought more negative attention towards me.
I've gotten to where I just want to live in a cottage with some land with just my fiance and sweet little dog.

The rest of the world can go on being crazy and hateful. I'll be just fine with my old movies and crafty loo's.

And now I leave you with the cutest picture ever!  :]

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bumble Bee's and the death of a car

Bumble bee

A bumble bee hit the windshield of my brother's car while I was driving yesterday.
As I was driving I noticed it had fallen into the windshield wiper crevice.
"Poor dittle bumble bee," I said under my breath.
When I finally got home I noticed the little guys legs were moving a bit. And me, being the humanitarian that I am, I had to investigate. In slow motion he bent his back legs back and forth. And then his front limbs started to go in motion. I decided to help the little guy by flipping him over and everything started to work again.
It was just interesting to me to see a bug mimic certain things humans do. Seeing him slowly come into focus again and testing his body out. Almost like he just shook his head and dusted himself off. And then he was on his way again..

R.I.P Infiniti

I am pretty sure that I have been cursed to never have a reliable car. Any vehicle my hand touches disintegrates slowly within time.
The car I bought about 6 months ago ended up dying on me recently. I was in the middle of a long windy road (in this nice 100 degree weather) and then had to pay a nice $100 to tow the bastard. So now I have to formulate a plan and see if I want to spend the chunk of money to fix it, orrrrr just go ahead and get a new one. Either way they'll all eventually fall apart!! So my plan may be to invest in a nice little vespa..

Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Foam Party

False Hopes

Started the day off in disappointment when I thought there were more granola bars in the pantry. Only to find out that some sick person left an empty box to tease me. DAMN YOU, Granola bandit, DAMN YOUUUU! I just imagine this little tiny keebler elf peeking around the corner and letting out a squeaky 'mooohhohahahah.'
 He's slowly getting me, that granola bandit, snack & condiment at a time.

My first Foam Party
(July 15, 2010)

So, my fiance and I haven't seen one of my good friends (Mark) in a long time. So we headed to Birmingham to hang with him for his birthday and go check out a club for a Foam Party.
Mark had made me an awesome pac man cake for my birthday one year and I never had been able to return the favor. So this year I went a little extravagant and made him this ..Draq Queen Barbie Cake and thank God he loved it!

Surprisingly it was really fun. It took like an hour or so for them to get the foam started but when it did it was CRAZY. Everyone wanted to be under the foam and if you were in the right place it came up to your chest. So Dustin and I were just slowly daning and scooting our way to the middle and next thing we knew we were covered head to toe and soaked.
It ended up being really fun and I'll prob end up going to another...
Here's a few pics of the madness!!

Okay so the last image is  a bit blurry but you can tell how high the foam was getting!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chapter One

I finally decided to start a blog about everyday life and just about anything and everything that comes to mind. I'm going to start my first blog on the up and down kind of day I had yesterday.

Cardiac Arrest:

My dog decided to try and commit suicide right in front of me yesterday. My dad and I were chatting on the front porch for a bit when I hear my dad scream so loud I had to cover my ears. He yelled my dogs name and as I looked up, he was already in the middle of the road with a van heading straight towards him. I immediately bolted in that direction (not knowing what I would've been able to do), I still ran. Luckily and thankfully the man driving the van was paying complete attention to the road and stopped. I scooped the little guy up and all I could do was hold him tightly and cry like a baby. My dad told me I should've popped him but all I could think was thank God my lil buddy didn't get hit. :]
But seriously, you can't take your eye off of anything for a second because that's all the time it takes for something really bad to happen..

Epidurals cannot paralyze you:

My sister asked me to go to a prenatal class with her that evening since her husband had to work. We walked (well, she waddled) into the room and had a few gummy fruit snacks before she started. At first I was a little hesitant to go because I really wasn't in the mood to watch all the lovely birthing videos and I wasn't having a baby so why would I be entertained?? But I really actually enjoyed it. I wasn't even having a baby and it made me comfortable with the thought of having one. I actually sat there staring off into space and thinking about how amazing and great it would be for my fiance and I to have a child together. I actually imagined myself holding a baby in a rocking chair while my hubby came home from work and kissed us both. And I just had this overwhelming feeling of happiness for a split second. It being a split second because I was distracted by my sister holding a plastic baby doll to her boob. The nurse (of course) was showing different breast feeding techniques. I can't imagine my sister just holding a baby to her breast for no apparent reason. Not like me earlier when I was trying to force feed the baby doll gummy fruit snacks... but anyway it was a neat experience. And it definitely confirms that I will be having an epidural when I decide to have children.

Well, that's it for my first entry.

P.S.  This is my lil buddy..